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Purchasing a Home – Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions

Buying a Home

      1. How will the payment of real estate taxes and homeowner’s insurance be handled?
          The amount required to pay the real estate taxes and homeowner’s insurance premium when due will be included in your                 house payment. Freedom will then be responsible for paying those bills when they are received.
       2.Where will the settlement take place?
           Settlement generally occurs at the office of a title company or closing attorney. The closing agent will coordinate the closing              to accommodate the schedules of the parties involved.
        3. Will the property be appraised?
            Yes, in most cases. The appraisal of the home will be made after the seller accepts your offer. 
        4. Will the closing agent accept my personal check for the down payment and closing costs?
            No. The closing agent is required to collect funds in the form of a certified or cashiers check payable to the title company.
        5. How much insurance coverage do I need for a homeowner’s insurance policy?
            At the time of closing on a purchase, homeowner’s insurance is required to cover the loan amount at a minimum. A paid                   receipt for the first-year premium is required at closing or the closing agent will collect the premium. This insurance covers               the structure and contents of the home.
          6.Is a property survey required when I purchase a home?
              A property survey is required for all property transactions except in the states of Arizona, California, and Hawaii, which are               known as “plat states.” The plat, which is a drawing of the boundaries, is provided by the title company.
          7. Why is Virtua my best choice for a lender when buying a home?
              Virtua Funding knows the mortgage industry. We have a 20-year history of helping people realize their dream of                                   homeownership. We have home loan products and programs for every need, with a special focus on first-time                                     homebuyers and customers who require expertise and specialized services to finance or refinance homes. 

              Most importantly, Virtua puts the customer first.
           8. How much will it cost for me to get a loan and buy a home?
               Down payment requirements vary by loan type, and closing costs vary by state and according to the amount borrowed.                      Check with a Virtua Funding representative to determine your specific needs. You can speak with a Virtua Funding                              representative on the phone by calling 801.206.9354. You will also find helpful information in our online resource material                concerning the Homebuying Process.
         9. I am a veteran, are there special programs for me?
               Yes. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has programs that offer no-money-down loans to qualifying veterans. Check                  with a Virtua Funding representative to determine if you qualify. You can speak with a Virtua                                                                      representative on the phone by calling 801.206.9354.